A biography of bill gates the founder of microsoft and the richest man in the world

Being a child, Bill Gates already possessed a prospective businessman talent, especially in mathematics. It is not accidental that at school he scored points in the mathematical part of the intelligence test, showing the best result. Inwhen Bill and his high school friend Paul Allen went to middle school, the school administration decided to buy a computer time from the General Electric Company.

A biography of bill gates the founder of microsoft and the richest man in the world

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He was the pioneer of Microsoft which is the largest software business in the world today and also richest man in the world. He has ushered in a technological revolution that has raised the bars for software organizations and paved way for innovations and unimaginable success.

The biography of Bill Gates is an insight on his early life, career, Bill and Melinda foundation, Bill Gates daughter and his palatial-like magnificent house. His smart innovative approach and aggressive business policies and tactics have marked the dawn of a revolutionary technological era.

Gates and his mother Mary Maxwell Gates. His father is a renowned lawyer and his mother was an integral part of board of directors for 1st Interstate Bancsystem and United way.

William Henry Bill Gates was raised in an opulent middle-class family. Bill Gates has an elder sister names Kristianne and a younger sibling Libby. His parents had decided law for him but his inclination towards computer programming altogether framed a different picture today.

Gates shared a very close bonding with his mother Mary. She served at the corporate boards of the 1st Interstate Bank in the city of Seattle which was started by her grandfather. Bill would often company his mother when she volunteered at community organizations or in schools.

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His family ambience has encouraged panache and competitive spirit among all children that has contributed to their growth and success. He was put to a private school, Seattle Lakeside School when he was He excelled in Maths and Science and also developed a keen interest in Drama and literature.

At the lakeside school a Seattle computer company offered computer time for its students. Bill was enchanted by the functioning of a computer and spent hours working on the terminal.

Bill was overwhelmed by the working of a computer and his interest grew over the years. He honed his skill during college. Paul was two years senior to Gates and they started sharing a bonding owing to their common interest in computers.

Gates acquired his graduation from the much esteemed Lakeside School in the year and was anointed as a national merit scholar. He had secured a whooping score of out of on SAT and got himself enrolled in the revered Harvard College in the year During his sophomore year at Harvard, Bill Gates had devised an algorithm which was a solution to a series of many unsolved problems.

His solution was accorded and it also held record for being the faster for nearly 30 years. His solution was also published in collaboration with Christos Papadimitriou, a prominent Harvard computer scientist.

Gates and Paul Allen together joined at Honeywell during summers of Gates and Allen dropped out of Harvard and worked on their dream which was later named Microsoft!

Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates Success Story, Net Worth Microsoft dawned a colossal change in computer technology and marked an era of programming advancement and innovation.

Initially Microsoft only wrote software in several formats for other computer organizations. Back then only 25 employees worked with Microsoft with Gates as the head of the organization that grossed a 2.

In Gates was among the Forbes list wealthiest people in the world and retained his position between to the year excluding the financial crunch in between Apart from his flourishing Microsoft, Bill Gates also actively became a part of philanthropic endeavors and through his own charitable organization Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Rise of Microsoft Microsoft began functioning on software development and business operations too. He personally reviewed code and often rewrote it himself to optimize.

A biography of bill gates the founder of microsoft and the richest man in the world

During this time Paul was the executive vice-president of Microsoft with Gates as the chairman and President. He was also the richest man in the world then.Explore Bill Gates biography and success story of Microsoft corporation.

And in May , with a fortune of $72 billion Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet again and retook the world’s richest title from Carlos Slim. Bill Gates’ net worth was $ billion as of April 09, Success Story of Microsoft Co-Founder. Bill Gates has been declared the richest man in the world for the 16th time by Forbes magazine's annual ranking of global billionaires.

The Microsoft founder once again beat Mexican businessman. With $89 (£67bn) billion in the bank, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been the world's richest man since May After founding and developing one of .

Jul 27,  · Update: As of p.m. Eastern, Jeff Bezos had dropped below Bill Gates on Forbes' Real-Time Ranking, and Gates ended the day as the world's richest person. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken.

Best known for: Being the co-founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world. Gates is also a philanthropist and is known for his charitable work in Africa, particularly his efforts to.

Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world by Forbes's annual list of the world's billionaires. This was the 16th time that the founder of Microsoft claimed the top spot. Carlos Slim came in second for the second consecutive time.

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