African writing awards for high school

The goal of the IB is for students to be challenged academically, while also finding creative and physical fitness outlets, getting involved in the community around them, and developing a global view that takes the student beyond their immediate environment. Lamar High School encourages ALL students to be inquiring and knowledgeable individuals who can achieve their highest potential within an atmosphere of shared responsibility, academic challenge, intercultural understanding, and mutual respect.

African writing awards for high school

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Additional Resources Attending college and completing a degree are important academic goals for any student. Unfortunately, there is a pronounced racial gap in enrollment rates at top colleges and universities around the country.

Affordability is a concern for all college-bound students, including African Americans. Fortunately, a number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities are earmarked specifically for their demographic.

Several organizations offer even more specific aid opportunities, such as scholarships for African American women. Additionally, nearly one in four black borrowers drops out of college, leaving them both in debt and without a degree.

Obtaining financial aid can also be challenging. According to a study in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Educationwhites are more likely to receive merit-based scholarships, even after accounting for different enrollment rates between the demographics.

These statistics underline the importance of African American scholarships. These awards can help offset the cost of a college education, and leave students less dependent on loans.

They also offer African Americans a unique opportunity to pursue financial aid without any strings attached, and without any racial biases favoring another demographic, intentionally or otherwise. Between the financial strain and the added pressure, many students drop out: Part of the problem is again financial: Scholarships A scholarship is a monetary gift for students to use for funding their postsecondary education.

Scholarships do not need to be paid back, making them a desirable alternative to student loans. Scholarships may be used to pay for education-related costs including tuition, books, and other course materials. Some scholarships may also be used to cover food, room-and-board, laundry, and day-to-day expenses.

Thousands of different scholarships are available. Merit-based scholarships are typically given to students with high GPAs or an extensive record of community service.

Other scholarships may be allotted to certain groups of people, including women or minority students. There are also scholarship options for students who demonstrate financial need.

african writing awards for high school

Nonprofits and organizations that support the African American community, some colleges and universities, and even some major employers offer scholarships exclusively for African Americans and minorities. In order to qualify for most scholarships, students must first complete an application.

While the nature of these applications will vary by award, most will include the following general criteria: Grades and Transcripts — Most scholarships merit- and non-merit-based require a minimum GPA for consideration; this minimum is usually 2.

Essay — Many scholarships require applicants to complete an original written testimonial explaining why they deserve the award. Letters of Recommendation — A scholarship application may ask for letters of recommendation from teachers, school counselors, former employers, and other people who have interacted with the student in an educational or professional environment.

african writing awards for high school

These letters should not come from friends, relatives, or family acquaintances. College Information — Many scholarships will only award money to applicants who have enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited postsecondary institution within the following year. Some are only allotted to students who plan to pursue certain fields of study.

Other Financial Aid — For needs-based scholarships, applicants may need to prove they are not receiving federal financial aid, additional scholarships, grants, or other forms of monetary support. External Scholarship Resources Students who are unfamiliar with scholarship applications should seek advice from educational experts.

Here are a few online resources for scholarship applicants to peruse:James A. Garfield High School is a public high school in the Seattle Public Schools district of Seattle, Washington, srmvision.comd along 23rd Avenue between E. Alder and E. Jefferson Streets in Seattle's urban Central District, Garfield draws students from all over the srmvision.comld is also one of two options for the district's Highly Capable Cohort for academically highly gifted students, with.

Juniors & Seniors: Get Ready For College. You’re trying out how to fund the next great journey in your life, and you’ve come to the right place.

Skipping Stones magazine recognizes high school students that are working to promote multicultural, environmental, and international awareness. The Youth Honor Awards are awarded annually to student writers and artists.

The written submissions can include short stories, poems, and essays, and must. For the latest duPont Awards updates follow us on Twitter @duPontAwards..

The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards | School of Journalism

Every year about a dozen news stories and films are honored by the duPont­-Columbia University Awards for the strength of their reporting, storytelling and impact in the public interest.

African American Rites of Passage Summer Academy. The African American Rites of Passage summer academy is designed to address the cultural, career, academic and social needs of high school and middle school African American and multicultural students of African descent in Lane County.

Foot Locker wants to celebrate YOU – not just because you scored the game-winning point – but because sports have helped you grow into a strong leader at school and in your community.

Over 30 Grants and Scholarships for African American Students