Anit gun control

This list is not intended to incite controversy, but to foster an even-sided debate. The issue of gun control is global, but since it is most controversial in the United States of America, that nation is referred to most in the following entries. This was in response to the Dunblane Massacre, in which year-old Thomas Hamilton walked into an elementary school and shot dead 16 children, aged six or younger, and one teacher before killing himself. He used four handguns.

Anit gun control

This is certainly the case with the horrible massacre in Connecticut. We look around in abject horror and shock and we ask the people Anit gun control are supposed to know i.

Ask these people though and not only will the answer you get depend on who you ask, but the answer they give will never be very satisfying. Of course you fair only marginally better when you ask a psychologist. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and their students tend to internalize causation.

That is, the problem is a problem with something inside you. In the case of Connecticut the problem will no doubt have something to with mental illness, or madness, or temporary insanity.

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In this case the explanation is mental illness and the meaning is individually derived. And what about the media?

Again, in my opinion, not so good. If the masses rally against guns, then guns will be the problem.

We're taking a whole new approach.

Take meaning from the media if you want, but be a smart sociologists about it and consider the possible limitations of the source. So, leaving behind unsatisfying explanations, let us look at how a sociologist might look at the events? And that would be with as much care and statistical sophistication as possible.

As I say in my Sociology class Introduction to SociologySociologists are complex thinkers and complex events like the Connecticut massacre rarely come down to single causes. Guns are certainly a factor, as is mental disturbance who but a mad man could do something like thatbut these can only be part of the cause and probably not the most proximate cause at that.

So a sociologist would ask deeper questions, and go further down the rabbit whole. A link has been suggested between anti-depressant pharmaceuticals, depression and violence for example and so we might start by wondering, were there bad drugs involved.

Maybe there were social reasons, like exclusion, or ridicule. But even if so there is still way more to it then even that. Let us not forget, for example, how violent our Western culture really is.

Deny it all you want but in our country we solve things violently. Many of us may be above physical violence, but not so many above emotional and verbal.

Anit gun control

Physical beatings, straps, name calling, shaming, incarceration, and a host of other violent acts dot our daily existence. Violence is everywhere around us.

When violence wins the day, story loses sway. A great example is the recent Expendables sequel, or anything by Tom Cruise these days.Leah Libresco is a statistician and former newswriter at FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism site. She is the author of "Arriving at Amen." Before I started researching gun deaths, gun-control.

Last night unusual. Spent time with two great couples. One I had met last year. The other, new. I was at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. Crowded. I was sitting alone at a small table. Dec 18,  · Mike. Just so all the gun nuts understand The 2nd Amendment does not give individuals the right to bear arms unless they are part of a WELL-REGULATED MILITIA.

But, I h eard that “T E RF is a slur!”. The “TERF is a slur” meme is a way for TERFs to simultaneously attack and dismiss critiques of their ideology and behavior. Recently, a cisgender feminist used the term TERF and was immediately attacked – not for the observations she actually made – but for daring to distinguish between radical feminists and TERFs.

Nov 22,  · News about Guns and Gun Control, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. A Case Against Gun Control The NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch has been speaking out against gun reform in the wake of the deadliest school shooting in American history.

Anit gun control
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