Computer security research papers

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Computer security research papers

The platform of cloud computing gives peoples the opportunity of sharing and storing resources and information among the people across the globe. Most of organizations, individual and end users are making use of such online storage services to store their important information for the backup purpose.

This new paradigm brings about many new security challenges. At present ensuring security in cloud computing platform has become one of the most significant concerns for the researchers.

Many any new frameworks and technologies are used to preserve data that are stored in clouds. In this paper, a new data security scheme is developed for cloud computing platform. This scheme ensures data security in both the ways i. For data retrieval security, multi-level authorization technique is applied.

Authenticity of user is done in 3 levels which includes registered key, one-time password OTP and image-based security mechanism. For data storage security, data partitioning is done along with the application of serialization concept.

Both data retrieval security and data storage security provide a strong foundation that not only restricts the unauthorized user to access the data stored in cloud but also ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data.

In the recent years, cloud computing has grown from a business concept to one of the fastest emerging sector in It industry to a basic need for people across the world.

Cloud computing is everywhere. More and more people are, now days, depending on it. Cloud is the biggest buzz in the world of computers these days.

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The concept " cloud computing " is one of the most developing and evolving concept in the history of technological advancement. It provides resources, services and utilities to the user and stores their crucial data and information to make their life easier in this busy and hectic world.

Due to cloud computing, we can utilize deployable and scalable resources within the confines of Internet. Despite all these capabilities and potential advantages achieved from cloud computing, many organizations are still reluctant in adopting it due to the security and privacy issues associated with it.

These issues hamper the growth of cloud computing. At present scenario, important data and documents are the only thing without which your life comes to a standstill and loosing such important data is no more than a horror experience! In cloud computing environment, all data or files of an individual stored in cloud are open to all.

Thus, these data or file becomes more prone to attack. As a result, an intruder can easily access, misuse and destroy the data. The need of security becomes so vulnerable that now people and even though organizations look for security that cloud provider provides before they look for cloud services.

There should be a strong security mechanism used by cloud service provider.

Research Papers – Cyber Security

The security mechanism should be strong enough to handle the basic concept of security i. Integrity ensures that the content of the data is not disturbed or changed by any intruder at all and originality of data is confirmed.

Confidentiality ensures that the file or data is confidential and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. Only the authorized user can access or use it.Publications by date. Non-Discretionary Access Control for Decentralized Computing Systems (Cached: PDF) by Paul A.

Karger. Laboratory for Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology S. M. amp; E. E. thesis MIT/LCS/TR, May Our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform lets you focus on your priorities — digital transformations, supply chain security, cloud migration, you name it — knowing you are protected from end to end.

Thomas Edgar is a Senior Cyber Security Research Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has completed research in the areas of secure communication protocols, cryptographic trust management, critical infrastructure protection, and developing a scientific approach to cyber security.

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Computer security research papers

A number of graduate-level research papers have been written on cyber sercurity in the context of corporate organizations.. Cyber-crimes are on the rise worldwide and businesses have to invest in the improvement of their network infrastructure and security to protect their data from .

Cyber Security research papers discuss the continuing effort to protect electronic data and computer systems from unwanted intrusions. Cyber security research papers are on today's technology and how the possibility of security breeches are ever present.

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