Effects of computer lan games on students

The most immediate are social.

Effects of computer lan games on students

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Although there are numerous benefits to playing quality computer games, there are also many known negative effects associated with excessive gaming. Setting a regular routine for your child is essential to make sure that she rips the benefits of digital media without neglecting other sides of her development.

Effects of computer lan games on students

Health Problems Some students get carried away with playing their computer games for excessive amounts of time. His eyesight might get worse because he is constantly staring at the computer.

Since your child sits in one position while playing computer games, he may be at risk of gaining extra weight due to lack of daily exercise. Encourage your child to play outside or get other physical fitness so she plays computer games for a limited amount of time.

Lack of Social Skills If students are spending too much time playing computer games, they may not be getting enough social interaction at home. Students should have proper communication skills so they can interact with teachers and classmates while at school.

Good social skills will help your kid feel healthy and happy at school -- and can possibly boost his interest in school work. Limit the time your child spends on computer games.

Intelligence Benefits According to All Academic Research, playing computer games may not be all that bad for your children.

Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students | Synonym

Peng Wei states that educational games can be effective assisting tools in the educational areas of management, medicine and science. If you choose the right educational computer games, your child may learn better problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination.

Your child may also develop the ability to think fast and think of multiple things all at once. Skills obtained from playing computer games may help your child learn quickly when it comes to his studies.


If your child is struggling in one of his school subjects, there are many educational computer games available for him. These games can be both fun and educational for your children.

Reducing The Negative Effects To reduce the negative effects of computer games its a good idea to develop a few ground rules around your house.

Second, place computers in public areas such as the living room. This will allow you to control both the amount and the quality of media they consume.

Finally, make sure to model good technology habits yourself. References Methods of Healing:Negative Effects of Computer Addiction - Computer addiction effects include withdrawal into an artificial world and deteriorating social relationships.

Learn about computer addiction effects. X. Addiction to online computer games seems to be a growing problem in Asian countries.

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Aug 26,  · Considering the increasing rate of addiction to computer games among Iranian adolescents and youth, the present study was conducted to investigate the effects of addiction to computer games on physical and mental health including physical health, anxiety, and depression and impaired social functioning.

Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students By Holly Smith ; Updated June 27, These days students are spending more of their free time playing computer games than ever before.

We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of Computer Games to young student specifically for you for only $ $/page. the negative and positive effects of usage should be studied.

It will also help students into taking computer related courses to enlighten the next generation on the matter on computer addiction. To experts. The effects of computer games on primary school students’ achievement and motivation in geography learning Author links open overlay panel Hakan Tüzün a Meryem Yılmaz-Soylu a Türkan Karakuş b Yavuz İnal b Gonca Kızılkaya a.

Statement of the problem The purpose of the study was to identify the common effects of Computer Games. Specifically, it sought answers to the following question 1.

How often does the student play computer games?\ 2. How many hours does the student consume in playing computer games?

Effects of computer lan games on students

3. What type of games does the student Online Games or LAN Games? Why? /5(11).

Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students | Synonym