Essay on tv and films influence children more than parents

Are you ready to give up trying to influence them? Do they even know you exist? You may think your young people could care less about what you have to say, but current research suggests that parents have a lot more influence than they realize.

Essay on tv and films influence children more than parents

For example, preschoolers can get help learning the alphabet on public television, grade schoolers can play educational apps and games, and teens can do research on the Internet. But too much screen time can be a bad thing: Children who consistently spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV are more likely to be overweight.

Kids who view violent acts on TV are more likely to show aggressive behavior, and to fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.

Teens who play violent video games and apps are more likely to be aggressive. Characters on TV and in video games often depict risky behaviors, such as smoking and drinking, and also reinforce gender-role and racial stereotypes. Babies and toddlers up to 18 months old: No screen time, with the exception of video-chatting with family and friends.

Toddlers 18 months to 24 months: Some screen time with a parent or caregiver. Kids and teens 5 to 18 years: Parents should place consistent limits on screen time, which includes TV, social media, and video games.

Media should not take the place of getting enough sleep and being physically active. Seeing Violence The average American child will witnessviolent acts on television by age Many violent acts are caused by the "good guys," whom kids are taught to admire.

Essay on tv and films influence children more than parents

In fact, in video games the hero often succeeds by fighting with or killing the enemy. This can lead to confusion when kids try to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Young kids are particularly frightened by scary and violent images. Behavior problems, nightmaresand difficulty sleeping may follow exposure to such violence. Older kids can be frightened by violent images too. Watching Risky Behaviors TV and video games are full of content that depicts risky behaviors such as drinking alcoholdoing drugs, smoking cigarettesand having sex at a young age as cool, fun, and exciting.

This makes behaviors like smoking and drinking alcohol seem acceptable and might lead to substance abuse problems. The Obesity Link Health experts have long linked too much screen time to obesity — a significant health problem today.

Studies have shown that decreasing the amount of TV kids watched led to less weight gain and lower body mass index BMI. Replacing video game time with outdoor game time is another good way to help kids maintain a healthy weight.

Even older kids may need to be reminded of the purpose of advertising. And these ads are often meant to make us think that these products will make us happier somehow.

Teach kids to be smart consumers. Ask them questions The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis Ltd. (ICUMSA) is a world-wide body which brings.

Apr 23,  · ESSAY WEAKEN INFLUENCE OF PARENTS OVER CHILDREN. Posted by stars. As a result, their behavior is influenced by movies and TV programs much more than by their parents.

as much as they did because there are many other factors that have more influence over the children. TV and movies have tremendous influences over youths. see more:impact of television on children essay. with the increased rate of working parents, most children come home from school and are left alone or with a babysitter who may not care what the children watch on TV.

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To get a unique essay. An accurate relationship was founded between watching television solely and number of demands. The Effects of Television on Children. Kids waste more time watching TV than they spend on their school work.

A Parent's Influence but current research suggests that parents have a lot more influence than they realize. Not only are they listening, but more importantly, they are watching you closely and modeling their lives after you.

Child in front of TV 24 hrs

“The relationship that parents establish with their children determines – to a very large extent – their. Television is a negative influence on kids and therefore TV watching must be limited. First, TV is a bad influence on kids, because children who watch more TV are more likely to be overweight.

For example, researchers Klesges, Shelton, and Klesges found that while watching television, the metabolic rate is slower than when just resting.

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