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You cant blame the students they are just doing what best they can in the situation. Most MBA schools also suffer from the Academic fever and they judge you on how you performed on the coveted CAT and not on the basis of who you are and what you want to be, no one gives a F… about your personality and your people management skill. Most top schools in INDIA have zero diversity and is filled with the same kind of students all very strong in academics, they believe only in competition and most are engineers.

Essays for iim blogspot search

Read it as an addendum to the article in the e-book How is kerosene produced? Petroleum or crude oil is the liquid which essays for iim blogspot search straight out of the oil wells. This liquid is of little use because it is a mix of various hydrocarbons each having a different boiling point and ignition temperature and hence it is necessary to separate them for efficient use.

The separation is done by a simple process known as fractional distillation. These hydrocarbons have progressive boiling points, so they can be easily separated by distillation — heating the oil and pulling out different products at different vaporizing temperatures.

Using this method, liquefied petroleum gas LPGpetrol, kerosene, diesel and lubricating oils are separated from each other.

The residual is processed to extract asphalt, tar and wax. How are petroleum product prices determined in India? Given the high volatility in international oil markets, the government continues to control prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG despite past attempts to decontrol them.

The pricing is based on the presumed users of various products. Petrol, for instance, is an item of final consumption and hence an increase in its price will have little impact on inflation. So there is little pressure to subsidize it.

Diesel, on the other, is a product whose price will have an impact on inflation as it is widely used. The railway is also a key user. LPG is also subsidized.

essays for iim blogspot search

The subsidy is aimed at promoting a cleaner source of energy rather than using firewood or dung cakes, which not only add to pollution. Why do some people oppose the subsidy? This diverted kerosene is used for adulterating diesel. Diversion means the government is not only subsidizing the petroleum mafia, but the adulterated diesel is also increasing the carbon footprints of the country.

A lesser price difference would reduce these practices. Petrol is, however, being sold at higher prices while the rest are subsidized. Kerosene is sold at Rs 9.

What has been done to check diversion of PDS kerosene?

Jun 11,  · If you are smart enough (dig maths) and you get through an IIM A, B or C XL etc life is still sorted however if you get stuck in any of the category B schools you would get stuck somewhere around the middle management. Feb 24,  · With Indian government mulling making 'Corporate Social Responsibility' mandatory in the new Companies Bill, this issue has become ever more important for a read. Sep 23,  · Selected students have around days to create the essays and submit them after the shortlist is announced. The essays topics for this year are: IIMA-PGPX Essay 1.

The first attempt to detect the diversion of PDS kerosene was in the s, when the government introduced a blue colou-rant in PDS kerosene, but petrol pump owners discovered a neutralizing chemical and the scheme had to be withdrawn.

Ina coupon system was introduced in Mysore. The consumer was to give the coupon to the dealer, which the dealer had to submit to authorities in order to get paid. The system was withdrawn for unknown reasons.

InGPS were fitted on delivery tankers to check diversion, but to no avail. Inanother imported dye was used to check diversion, but pump owners discovered that addition of a natural clay made the dye useless and the scheme was pulled out.Individuals Indian Money (IIM) Accounts The IIM program is authorized under 25 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part and 25 CFR Part 20, Financial Assistance and Social Services, Subpart D – Services to Children, Elderly, and Families.

IIMA PGPX Essay Package. Rs, two IIMA PGPX essays, from scratch service. Feb 24,  · With Indian government mulling making 'Corporate Social Responsibility' mandatory in the new Companies Bill, this issue has become ever more important for a read.

This free Engineering essay on Criteria for Selection of Material for Automobile Design is perfect for Engineering students to use as an example. By: Keyoor Purani (Professor of Marketing, IIM Kozhikode) & Deepthi Anna Achankunju (Academic Associate – Marketing, IIM Kozhikode) The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) is a group of 20 public and autonomous institutes of management education and research in India offering post graduate, doctoral and executive education programmes.

Indian Institute of Management Shillong, also known as Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, was the seventh IIM established, following a decision by the Government of India. The foundation stone of the institute was laid on 1 December and started its academic session from '

essays for iim blogspot search
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