Flight 116 down

Let's leave the earth behind in a theme on Flight. That theme will give us a good hook for boys who tend to like non-fiction reading. There are lots of good books both fiction and non-fiction on airplanes.

Flight 116 down

And it was well worth it! A very engrossing and realistic read with interesting characters like Heidi: Bizarrely, the plane crash whilst trapping many people in the wreckage frees many of our characters from their mundane routines or emotional difficulties.

Patrick even acknowledges it by realizing that he wished for this to happen. Of course, none of the characters wanted a plane crash to happen, but they all wished for Something To Happen.

Patrick's father backs this up later, realistically adding that because they are all Ambulance volunteers, if something does occur, there is a strong desire to Be There!

Heidi was freed from her exile because she found a purpose for a short while. The plane came in and Heidi was let out.

Patrick was freed as he finally had a chance to show he was also Flight 116 down of dealing with an emergency and put his EMT skills to the test. Daniel wished for something to happen to prevent his having to attend his father's wedding and actually considers a plane crash a useful diversion.

Ty was bored at the party and wished for some action. Accuracy and Realism The responses of the passengers after impact are realistic suggesting that Cooney has researched her book well. People may often say pointless things and do apparently pointless and useless things after a traumatic event.

Post impact we can see both positive and negative responses to a crisis. The reactions of the airport staff and the bewilderment of the waiting families when no information comes through is also accurate. Cooney doesn't spend an awful lot of time on this part of the story but what is written suffices to convey the agonising wait and shock of people in New York.

It is questionable over Patrick being an EMT at seventeen years of age.

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Brief research doesn't hold a definitive answer but it is a point of consideration. Patrick is later pushed away from the crash site as more experienced EMTs come on the scene.

This is possibly an example of poor resource management, because even though Patrick is seventeen, he is an EMT and has valuable skills to offer. Foreshadowing Cooney uses a lot of foreshadowing and imagery to describe the plane crash before the event happens.

Early on, on page 34 we have examples of the environment to show us the plane crash.

The wind attacks Heidi and Tally's legs and rips them with the cold and this represents what the plane will do to the environment when it lands. Tally also has a feeling that something will happen as she remains close to Heidi with a need to protect her.

A macabre piece of foreshadowing comes with Teddies' bear which shows how Teddie will be post impact. We are told that the bear can be squashed into small spaces and when released his arms and legs spring out. Post crash, Teddie herself is found wedged in a small space, and her leg does spring out, as the broken bone protrudes through the skin.

Obviously I, hope she does and hopefully you do too, but looking through the book, there are clues as to her future, albeit ambiguous. Heidi's Future Early in the book, Patrick's father states that the rich, upper class backgrounds are generally rescued, rather than being rescuers and that volunteers from this section of society are non-existent.

Heidi's background would appear to be of this type, so historically Heidi would not volunteer. From what Heidi's father says on the 'phone after the crash, we get an idea that Heidi may have been brought up to pride beauty and appearances over actions.

There are mentions of slim ankles which would add weight to the appearance theory and possibly also that maybe Heidi's parents plans are for her to marry well, over a good career.

However, Heidi herself does help and tells her father that she felt useful during the emergency which would suggest that Heidi has got the bug for this type of work.I believe the conflict in this book is a matter of life and death for the passengers on flight # I think the conflict is that Patrick and all of the emergency responders have to save as many people as they can before the whole plane explodes into flames and engulfs all the injured passengers with it.

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Flight 116 down

A Presentation by Oscar Zhang Flight # is Down! Welcome Aboard! Airport 1 Aeropuerto 2 Flyplassen 3 Welcome aboard our luxurious aircraft tour. This tour of the skies is operated by Bad Tours Inc. We hope you enjoy our service. Background Information: Background.

Feb 19,  · What would you do if a plane crashed in your backyard? Heidi, 16, has to face this question as she is sitting alone one Saturday night feeling sorry for herself. A jumbo jet on the way to New York crashes into the woods behind her house.

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Heidi discovers that she has depths of . Flight # is Down! In a Heroic story about a plane crash, saving lives, Heidi¿s battle for courage and Patrick¿s attempt at saving survivors, Caroline B. Cooney shows us that everyone is unique.

From the beginning Heidi felt ununique and unable to make friends/5(54). Download and Share free model airplane and boat plans. Featuring thousands of radio control, control line and free flight freely downloadable plans, 3views and blueprints for .

When a crashes into the deep woods on Heidi's family's estate, she at first believes herself incapable of helping the survivors; she's convinced that her every action is a disappointment to her wealthy, ever-busy parents, who happen to be out of town.

Flight # Is Down! Book Review