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Or maybe the wrong tool for the job? Currently, I'm only pulling two sleds and an 8'x10' trailer -- well under the 5klb max towing capacity of the integrated hitch. However, in the future I may want to pull a larger trailer for a track car. Jason's comments below are on point in terms of why I want to beef up the integrated tow hitch capacity.

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Originally Posted by Crabcake Tony Post I'm an Accurate guy - but recently I've been looking at Okuma - look very serious and they are really impressive. They manufacture in Taiwan only, not China.

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Regardless, before I consider a spinning reel, I always check out what Alan has to say! I don't believe anyone is as comprehensive as Alan in his reviews! Based on what Alan has to say the Daiwa BG is what you want. Just took a quick look at Alan's page.

I used it to fish the beach casting plugs for snook. I dunked it several times and dropped it in the sand a few times and only rinsed it with fresh water.

After several years of this type of abuse the bail stopped closing properly. It would have cost almost as much to get it fixed by a pro as I paid for the reel and a good cleaning did nothing.

In the trash it went. Unfortunately plueger discontinued the line. To this day it has been one of the best reels for the price that I have owned. With that said the chrome finish on the handle will flake off after heavy saltwater use, but you can literally find these reels for 50 bucks and the drags are super smooth.

They're great reels for the money, and so cheap they're almost hardly worth maintaining. I have used them heavily for inshore saltwater fishing and still use many of them today.


Penn holds up better to saltwater use but is also heavier and more clunky. If you're casting a ton that makes a giant difference.

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I used it inshore primarily and offshore a few times and I did have some very slight corrosion on the handle. I have a Pfluger Trion and the handle is completely corroded.

All the paint has flaked off.

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I have since bought 2 of the new penn fierce II's 's. They are perfect for trout and redfish. I take them offshore on every trip and use them to catch baitfish, bonita, spanish, and chicken dolphin.

I have ZERO problems with the second gen fiercesPWLRU-UTS Password JDM Zoomer/Ruckus Under Seat Tail Light & Signal Kit (PWLRU-UTS) Under Seat Tail Light & Signal Kit.

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