Jerry mcguire essay

Tom Cruise Twenty years ago, the high-flying sports agent Jerry Maguire stayed up all night writing a page manifesto designed to tell his venal colleagues exactly what he thought of their industry. Rex Features But what was in the document that lost Jerry his job? Someone profiting off the efforts of others. I have lost the ability to bulls--t.

Jerry mcguire essay

Growing Up: The Vertical Farm

The ineffective listening styles of the characters in this movie allow you the viewer to see the consequences and reactions of the characters Jerry mcguire essay this form of communication. As we learned that listening is one of the most important parts of communication since it is the most frequent form of communication.

The characters in this movie also learn that it is not just hearing what another is saying but actually listening. Also I thought it was interesting that the main character, Jerry McGuire had to learn how to listen to others but most importantly how to listen to his own inner voice.

The first ineffective listening style that comes to mind is stage hogging. Stage-hogging is turning the conversation towards oneself. Jerry is trying to explain certain details to Rod but Rod has to Stage Hog. Rod is only interested in making his point.

I have encountered this many times. I have been on both ends of this ineffective listening style. The only difference is that when I was doing the Stage hogging I really did not notice.

When it was being done to me I realized it right away. Whether I am having a conversation with my kids, husband or stranger I have to realize that as I want to express my thoughts so does the person I am speaking with.

The next ineffective listening style that caught my attention is pseudo listening. Pseudo listening is an imitation of the listening process. Pseudo listeners give the appearance of being attentive. The funny thing about pseudo listening is it can often take more energy than real listening.

This scene reminded me of so many conversations I have with my kids.

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I just respond to stuff without really thinking about it. I just say things and act like I am paying attention. The bad part is that I am shorting myself out of a precious moment.

There are times I am so busy and I respond to questions and then wonder wait what did I just say yes to. I try to remember that no matter how busy or how important things are at the time, that nothing can be as important as what my children are trying to tell me.

Jerry mcguire essay

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