Kraft paper tape

My project today is a stencil background and flowers card made for the Splitcoaststampers Clean and Simple challenge. The challenge was to use a stencil on our project.

Kraft paper tape

I ordered it online, and in the picture it looked like it was a gorgeous creamy beige color, but it's actually a darkish brown kraft color. And I ordered 15 packs of it; a life-time supply.

So am wondering if I can soak it in a mild bleach solution without it dissolving into a pulpy mess. I don't mind if it dries wrinkly, as that would only add to its charm, but it definitely has to be lighter.

If no one answers, why don't I just try it myself on one of the packs, yeah. I've been using them ever since I brought my lunch to school Kraft paper tape ago.

They can hold quite a bit of food without tearing. Even long and curved bananas don't stress these bags out to the point of breaking. I never worry about the bottom dropping out, either.

They also make neat little trash bags for your lunch leftovers.

Deluxe Grade Kraft Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape * 14 Rolls of 2 in. x ft. per box * Good to seal up to lb. box. Framers Kraft Paper tape is formulated with the framing industry specifically in mind. Kraft Paper Tapes are suitable for many packaging applications as well as picture framing and is fully recyclable. The adhesive is designed to adhere to many types of cardboard and paper. Natural Kraft Gummed Paper Tape, a carton sealing tape; manufactured with standard water activated adhesive. Product Application Recommended for inner carton sealing or for lightweight cartons that will be shipped in unitized loads or full pallets.

I can throw my banana peel, my yogurt carton, and my napkin in the kraft bag and toss it into the trash. I wrap my paintings in it, and I've never had any of them stick to it. Of course, it's always good to apply a layer of varnish to the painting to protect it.

As long as the varnish has dried completely, the painting should be fully protected. I doubt that kraft paper would stick to the surface even if it hadn't been varnished, but if there is any chance of your painting being exposed to high temperatures during shipping, you should varnish it first.

I wrap the paintings in kraft paper in the same way that I would wrap a Christmas gift. I fold the edges under and secure them with tape. Then, I pack the box with filler, like air bags or crumpled newspaper. Perdido Post 7 I've been looking for some kind of paper to wrap my paintings in before I ship them to customers.

Is kraft paper good for this? Will it stick to the painting if it is fully dry? Oceana Post 6 I remember making Christmas ornaments out of kraft paper in elementary school. The teacher was leery of letting us use scissors, so she cut out the shapes for us and left the decorating up to us.

I recall smearing glue all over mine and dousing it with silver glitter. I think I dotted it with a few shiny beads before it dried, too.

My sister used paint instead of glue and glitter. She painted a cute white and red striped peppermint cane.

LittleMan Post 4 Like streamfinder said, many Kraft paper suppliers are finding their salvation in making recyclable goods, especially those reusable Kraft paper honeycomb they put in packages to protect the goods.

I say bring it on -- paper degrades naturally, plastic doesn't. And besides, who actually likes those terrible styrofoam packing peanuts?

Kraft paper tape

Paper all the way, for me! StreamFinder Post 3 I really hate it that the sacks of Kraft paper and Kraft paper packaging are going out -- for one, they're easier to recycle than plastic bags, and much more environmentally friendly.

Also, they are more aesthetically pleasing, at least to me -- it feels more real to get my meat wrapped in a parcel rather than slapped onto a styrofoam tray and vacuum sealed. Besides, those bags made of Kraft paper are surprisingly sturdy -- even more so than some of those thin plastic bags.Acrylic kraft paper tape - Kite branded core.

Our self-adhesive kraft paper tape is a popular alternative to gummed paper tape as it requires no water, it sticks to all carton surfaces. Kraft paper tape can easily be torn by hand and is available in 50mm and 75mm. has a large selection of shipping supplies, packing supplies & more at wholesale prices.

Packing Tape, masking tape, filament tape, barricade tape, tape dispensers & more. Packing Tape; Gummed Tape; Kraft paper, newsprint, chipboard sheets, tissue wrap, and other protective paper supplies. Water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape, gum tape, Kraft paper tape, reinforced tape and WAT) and easy-to-use WAT dispensers, provide customers with quality carton sealing solutions.

Gummed paper tape dispensers are built to last. Kraft Paper Tape, Kraft Paper, Single Sided Craft Paper manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Single Sided Kraft Paper Tape with Strong Adhesive, France Market Super Clear Packing Tape with Strong Adhesion, Custom Printing BOPP Box Sealing Packing Tape with Customer′s Logo and so on.

Seal boxes and cartons with this general-purpose kraft paper tape. Use for packing, sealing, splicing and reinforcing. Allows you to reuse and reinforce boxes, cartons and more.

Brown color blends with boxes and cartons for a seamless look. Made of paper and hot-melt adhesive for a strong, reliable design.

Kraft paper tape

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