My experience in a nursing home

My name is Tonya and I have been on a diet since I was 9 years old. Diet should be my middle name. Seriously though, I have been on every kind of diet plan and regimen you can I imagine.

My experience in a nursing home

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My experience in a nursing home

Be sure to include your full name, address and contact number otherwise your submission will not be considered for publication. We will contact you prior to publication. All was going well at home until I forgot to eat breakfast and dinner and it ended up with my tea times being spent relaxing in bed or on the couch lost in a book.

But the laugh is on them!

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I used to do the housework, the cooking and all that boring stuff until I came here. Have you ever been to a luxury hotel? Well the food here is every bit as good but there is a bonus, because here I am a lady of leisure, with wonderful staff at my beck and call and my new home is like one of those stately homes the tourists pay into when visiting Ireland.

If they came here they would be gobsmacked.

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What do we do with our spare time you ask? There is no spare time. If we are not out touring or having a singsong or quiz or making something in art and crafts, then there is the drama class where we improvise, fantasise and are game to handle anything that is thrown at us.

In the drama class I was to have a tiff with the lady beside me. I told her exactly what I thought of her — it was all in fun and I was earnestly fulfilling my role. However she did not take it all sitting down!

I got a good strong dose of my own medicine, as the drama tutor edged around, keeping a rein on things. My goodness, it was such fun. Here I am living in my 80s in a great place with all the days spinning past. We are definitely the chosen few and you can add a few pluses to that.Oct 29,  · Watching my family deal with my grandfather made me aware of the care and services the elderly need and has made me realize how important it is to volunteer at a local nursing home.

Patient-focused Certified Nursing Assistant and ambitious nursing student with 4+ years of experience in health care field with a passion for learning and growing professionally within a . My Young Unique Experience Living Inside a Nursing Home / Assisted Living (facility for the aged) endeavors to answer questions based on elderly abuse.

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Employers want to see that a nursing candidate has previous experience in a healthcare setting, has learned and applied the necessary technical skills involved in nursing, and has the key transferable skills that make that candidate perform well at work.

Travel Nursing with RNnetwork is easy. View all of our travel nurse jobs across America with one click! RNnetwork is your source for all traveling nurse info. My Home Life is a UK-wide initiative that promotes quality of life and delivers positive change in care homes for older people.

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