Rainy season in hyderabad

Monsoon Months India is a big, diverse, multicultural and multinational community with a population of over 1. But you must be aware of rainy season in India. The weather here can be uplifting and frustrating at the same time.

Rainy season in hyderabad

But development has come at a cost, with industry and housing increasingly encroaching on valuable pastures, forests and wetlands. During the recent UN biodiversity talks in Hyderabad, the International Union for Conservation of Nature gave journalists the opportunity to see how biodiversity can thrive in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

This will mean more people, more industry and more traffic. In it was estimated that new vehicles were coming on the roads every day in Hyderabad.

Rainy season in hyderabad

Trees absorb carbon, air pollution and dust. Urban forestry can also help reduce noise pollution — absorbing and deflecting sounds. They run for 9km along the main Hyderabad carriageways, while underneath raised roadways, another The plants used are chosen for their ability to absorb the highest amount of dust and air pollution.

In the centre of the city, parks are dotted in between buildings offering an escape from the dust and the debris of a growing city. One of the forests, almost 30, hectares of woodland, sits behind a large concrete wall.

Rainy season in hyderabad

Rajender Reddy, Director of Urban Forestry at the HMDA, showed us round the site and explained that inside the walled reserve, the 4, hectares of trees are all native to India, and many native to Andhra Pradesh.

They are chosen for their fast growing nature. They act as the lungs of our city and provide important ecosystem services. Just five years old, there are already signs of the wildlife coming back to what was degraded scrubland.

Butterflies flutter between the trees, and the sound of birds fills the area. Bird, reptiles, porcupines and even wild boar have been spotted nearby.

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The forest also aims to protect threatened species of trees. The Pterocarpus santalinus — more commonly known as red sandalwood — is on the IUCN Red list of Threatened Species following over exploitation for its valuable timber. A significant amount of water is needed for such vast woodland.

In a region where intense rain followed by extreme dryness, getting the balance can be difficult.

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When they were preparing the ground, the HMDS dug trenches amongst the trees. They store the water in the rainy season to be used during dry periods. The women were originally given seedlings, which they grew on their own land.

They were paid around rupees per month for the work. One talked of the bangle and sari shop she has been able to set up, selling products out of her home, with the money from her extra income.

If and when the nursery work ends, she hopes to still have an income through this new business. Another women talked of the project bringing women, who are often isolated in their own homes, together, and creating a sense of community.

A third explained how she is now able to send her grandchildren to school. It also provides an example of how new and emerging cities could incorporate greenery into their development plans. Hyderabad is a rapidly expanding city.

With more and more people flocking to urban areas, this rapid growth is not going to slow anytime soon. Dust and pollution fill the air. Along the lakeside sit public gardens and all of the roads are lined with trees and shrubs.

Protecting these natural pockets in the years to come will be vital for the city. They will offer vital services — regulating heat and protecting the city from flash floods.Golconda Fort, Hyderabad Picture: It's awesome especially just after rainy season or winter as there is lush green in and around t - Check out TripAdvisor members' .

RTCC in Hyderabad The plants are specifically chosen for benefits to urban environments Nowhere are the two faces of Hyderabad more apparent than driving on the city’s ring road. The rainy spells are foreseen to be short lived and strictly localized.

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The rainy season commences in June and lasts till October, with temperatures ranging from 15 degree celcius to 40 degree celcius. It is generally cooler in the early mornings and the evenings, as the city is high above sea level.

Adequate showers in the first month of the rainy season are critical for crops in India, where about million of the billion population depend directly or indirectly on farming.

The country is the world’s top grower of cotton and the second-biggest producer of wheat, rice and sugar. A list of places to travel to in the monsoon season. India Travel Blog is a highly popular source of travelogues, travel tips and photography in India, photography in Bangalore, along with travel information, travel guides and places to see in India.

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