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The parts of the outer ear include: Pinna The pinna is the visible portion that is generally referred to as "the ear. The dimensions and folds of the pinna cause certain sound frequencies to be amplified and other frequencies to be weakened. External Auditory Meatus ear canal The ear canal extends from the pinna to the eardrum and is about 26 millimeters mm in length and 7 mm in diameter.

You will be hearing from us

Play in Popup Download Click the play button to listen to this episode. You had a really strange dream and are now trying to figure out what it means.

You will be hearing from us

Maybe you watched a scary movie before going to bed and elements of the movie appeared in your dream. Genesis 20 Jacob was visited by God in a dream in which God told him he would inherit a huge amount of land.

Poetry - You will be hearing from us shortly U.A. Fanthorpe was a popular and successful British poet who died in She had a varied career before first publishing in her late 40s. The Committee on Energy and Commerce is the oldest standing legislative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives and is vested with the broadest jurisdiction of . Contact Us. Note: All services are through the local county offices. Click below to find your local contact info. Find Your Local Office.

Genesis 28 Joseph had a dream in which he was binding up stalks of corn with his brothers. When he woke up he foolishly told his brothers about the dream.

Genesis 37 All throughout the Bible, from the book of Genesis through the New Testament, we find God talking to people through their dreams. But does He continue to do so today? Not necessarily, and we need to be cautious about assuming every whimsical image flashing through our mind at night is from God.

But none the less God does occasionally speak to people through their dreams today.

You will be hearing from us

We are all individuals and God speaks to us individually. Many of these Christian dream interpretation websites fail to take our individuality into consideration and instead will offer only one or two generic interpretations for a dream.

However, It is my belief that the best way to interpret a dream is through scripture. By taking the elements of the dream and looking for similarities in scripture we can often figure out what the meaning of the dream may be.

Many people have had this dream. But what type of readiness comes from the gospel of peace? If you do have a strange dream and are curious about Christian dream interpretation, the best thing you can do is pray. Dreams are only one of the ways in which God speaks to us.

He can also speak to us using many different methods. Remember also that God will never contradict Himself. Christian dream interpretation can be difficult and it may help to take the time to write the dream down.Looking for information on hearing aids? Visit to browse hearing aid styles, take a hearing test or find a Starkey dealer in your area.

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